King Machine – Demo Video 2

On May 8, 2011, in King Machine, by bateleur

Work on King Machine has been very busy for the two months since the last demo. A lot of that has been boring stuff like fixing bugs, but there are exciting new features too. Here's another demo video showing off some cool stuff you can do…

(Or watch on YouTube in HD.)

Just need to fix a few more particularly hairy bugs and I can get on to the fun business of level design!

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3 Responses to “King Machine – Demo Video 2”

  1. Paladin says:

    Now this game will give programming and optimization lessons to people who would find such a subject unreadable if taught with lines of code. Great job.

    Limitations about the number of objects is mainly an engine limitations concern (like in Scribblenauts), but you might simply introduce an emergency button to pause all action recorders. That said, I suppose that in multiplayer (and especially competitive one), you'd want to limit the number/volume of objects that may be produced by each player per a given amount of time, either by a fixed amount, or a variable depending on specific area control. Yeah, yeah, RTS player here, and I mean – you could really support an RTS mode, bot-sumo arena tournament, mechanical dungeon crawler with machine parts to be found in treasure chests, or whatever else. As soon as you include enough levels/modes and/or a map editor with basic triggers and objectives, you'll be sitting on a larger mine gold than LittleBigPlanet or Spore were ever supposed to be.

  2. Tami Azher says:

    How can I reach out to you guys? We want to fund your projects in return for royalties can you contact me on my email?

  3. bateleur says:

    @Paladin – Some very astute comments there! And yes, although I'm not an RTS player myself I definitely want RTS-style play to be possible.

    @Tami – That's a really kind offer, but right now I'm not looking for external funding. I may get back to you later if I run out of cash! 🙂

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