King Machine and the IGF

On October 19, 2011, in King Machine, by bateleur

On Monday I entered King Machine into the 14th annual Independent Games Festival – "the IGF" to its friends. Here's the trailer I made for the submitted version:

You may have noticed two exciting announcements hidden in there…

First, the talented Ed Fry (@Aeronic) has been persuaded to compose and produce all the music for the game! And yes, this is the same Ed Fry who did the music for Sophie Houlden's Swift*Stitch. I'll make a separate post about the game's music at some point because, as good as it sounds in the above video, there's some even cooler stuff going on with it that video cannot capture.

Second, the game now has proper voice acting thanks to some amazing work by Emma Newman (@EmApocalyptic). Best known as a fiction author, Emma also does voice work for audio books. Being an experienced roleplayer, she wasn't too hard to convince when I suggested she branch out into a spot of voice acting! The voice clip in the video above is possibly a slight plot spoiler, but again I think I'll leave discussion of how the game got its plot for a future post.

Last but not least, a hat tip to all my playtesters and to the numerous people who offered to playtest but whom I haven't yet taken up on it. I still plan to. The game may be getting a beta release of sorts in the next few months and there will need to be a lot of testing of things between now and then… including a lot of testing of stuff I haven't written yet. Speaking of which – back to work! 🙂

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