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2nd November 2016

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King Machine is a game about building machines. Half exploration, half sandboxy, King Machine draws inspiration from such sources as Garry's Mod, Little Big Planet, The Incredible Machine, Katamari Damacy and Marble Run (you know, that thing you do in the real world with actual marbles, not a video game). Are you old enough to remember The Great Egg Race? That was the single biggest source of inspiration!


The game's origins date back to 1992 (yes, a year before the founding of the company!). Although titled "King Machine", it's technically King Machine 5. Each of the previous versions was played at most a handful of times - in some cases only once! That isn't because they were bad, it's because the gameplay turned out to allow some amazingly powerful things which broke the balance. For example, the only game of King Machine 3 ever completed was won by a team who built a giant robot that completed all the objectives in a single turn! However, the new King Machine game is significantly different from its predecessors in that it's 3D rather than 2D and real time rather than turn based. But the core of the game is still the same: build machines!


  • No editor phase - machines are built by the player during play.
  • Physics simulation means you can choose to built precisely engineered devices or mad contraptions that fling stuff everywhere.
  • Simple build tools mean you don't need an engineering degree to build cool things.
  • Music by Ed Fry, the awesome musician who did the soundtrack for Sophie Houlden's Rose and Time Remastered and Swift*Stitch!
  • Voice acting from Emma Newman, host of the Tea and Jeopardy podcast and author of the critically acclaimed Planetfall and Split Worlds books!


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (58MB)


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FastRam Design was founded in 1993, released one rather good Amiga game (Dozer) and then did relatively little for a couple of decades. But... WE'RE BACK! Well, OK, actually only Dom is back. Or possibly he's just been sitting at his desk coding since the 90s and nobody noticed.

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King Machine Credits

Dom Camus
Game Designer

Ed Fry
Musician (freelance)

Emma Newman
Voice (freelance)

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